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Process Server

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London Process Server is a kind of dirty word. People hide from them. They try to run them over or attack them.

Admittedly, this happens over the pond more than here, but violence against London Process Server is not unknown. Nine times out of ten, the person who hand delivers a legal process is a person just like you, trying to perform their task to the best of their ability.

Process Server
London Process Server

If you are involved in a court case or legal process, you may need to hire someone a process server like me. I am trained to hand-deliver important legal documents to their intended recipient. You may wonder why you can’t send these documents in the post? Using someone like me will ensure that the recipient cannot claim ignorance or that they haven’t received the legal papers. Post can get lost in transit and people can move home. I am also a

It isn’t always bad news, though. Sometimes, I bring good news. Like when you want to engage with the lawsuit and you didn’t even know that someone had taken you to court. How can you fight the court case? You can’t if you don’t know about it.

Did you know that most court cases can go ahead even if you haven’t been served? If we can’t serve you because you are unfindable, or you are evasive, the court can order that you be served at your last known address by letterboxing the legal documents. Alternatively, you can be served by a notice in the papers, or through social media.

Ultimately, wherever you do, the court case will proceed, and if you are not aware of it, then you will lose that case. This is why you should always welcome the papers.

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