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Retail Fraud Prevention


It is essential to recognise that the key purpose in conducting an investigative interview is to obtain facts/evidence, and to search for the truth, from the interviewee in a fair and proper manner. Best practice is a method called the PEACE model. Planning & Preparation,… Read More »THE INVESTIGATIVE INTERVIEW


A leading UK Private Investigator has found that more than three quarters of workers have stolen from their current or previous places of work. The figures show that potentially over £432m of company goods, including laptops, confidential personal data, TVs, and even an office pet… Read More »THIEVING LITTLE BRITONS

When CCTV doesn’t help

I was reading my local paper today and couldn’t help but notice the headline “Businesses hit by catalytic crimes”. Apparently there has been a string of thefts involving catalytic converters. One business captured the thieves on CCTV but unfortunately for them, the group of thieves… Read More »When CCTV doesn’t help