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Bad News for Catch Me If You Can Defendants

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A process server agency has completed its tenth year in Chile, offering Lawyers from all over the world a way to serve process on those defendants who flee the jurisdiction to Chile in order to evade process being served on them.  

SALGADO INVESTIGATIONS operates from its offices in Santiago, Chile since 2010 and has since that time, served hundreds of evasive defendants on behalf of foreign lawyers and private clients from all over the world.

Jorge Salgado-Reyes, author of British Process Servers Guide, said: “We have found lawyers, businesses and private clients need process servers with local knowledge and an international reach.”

Often when a defendant leaves the jurisdiction, Lawyers would give up as it’s usually too expensive to find and serve them.  The official route to serve a defendant in Chile is time-consuming and expensive.  But the informal route exists, and Salgado Investigations is one of Chile’s premier Process Server agencies. So if you wish to serve foreign process in Chile, look no further.

Three reasons to use Salgado Investigations as your process server Chile agency:

  1. Our private investigation expertise means we’ve got the know-how to track down people who are no longer at their registered addresses. We’ll find them and hand their documents to them in person.
  2. Our coverage extends across the whole of Chile. We have one office in Santiago de Chile for all your process server needs across Santiago and the whole of Chile. Please see below for a full list of regions covered.
  3. We are part of the UTOPIA Network of trusted process server associates who can serve documents across South America and worldwide.

DISCLAIMER: The information contained herein is provided for general information only and may not be accurate at the time of service in a particular case or country.  Questions involving specific services should be directed to our office.  Care should be exercised in choosing the method of service (official/informal) if eventual enforcement of a judgment is anticipated in the country where the documents are to be served. No legal advice is intended in the statements contained herein.  Instructions for international service of process are accepted on the basis that the assigning law firm has researched all applicable laws.  Foreign litigants should seek legal advice from a legal practitioner familiar with the requirements for enforcement in Chile. Salgado Investigations and its agents assume no liability for its actions in the course of any phase of the service of process assignment.

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