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A Private Investigator– What are they good for?

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Private investigators have been around since time immemorial, whenever someone has needed to find someone, or to watch someone, a

In a nutshell, investigators are professional researchers and analysts that employ observation, enquiry, examination, experimentation and analysis to obtain evidence and information upon which to enable sound decision making. To achieve success as an investigator, certain basic guidelines must be adhered to.

When seeking information a good investigator will ask many questions. He/she will often repeat questions to uncover inconsistencies, following up with more detailed questions.  It is a fact that you can never gather too much information; however you can ask too few questions. It is easy to eliminate non-essential information later on but takes more time and effort to revisit people if you haven’t asked enough of the right questions.

It is essential to recognise that suspects, criminals and other subjects under investigation come from a variety of socio-economic backgrounds and they are represented by all races, both sexes, and an endless variety of lifestyles.

When investigating never commit yourself to the guilt or innocence of anyone whom you may question. Remember, your purpose is to gather facts; analysis, evaluation and judgement will come later. Never be overconfident, be certain that you have gathered all the information before you deciding that you have come to the end of the investigation, ask yourself the question “is there anymore information I should try to obtain? Is there I anything that I have overlooked that could make a difference in the outcome of the investigation?”

Jorge Salgado-Reyes at Waterloo, London, October 2011
Jorge Salgado-Reyes at Waterloo, London, October 2011

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