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There are some interesting investigations blogs out there

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I was browsing the internet (as you do) and came across some quite good articles made by private investigators. They were mostly by American investigators. Is it just me or are we here in the UK a bit backwards with using the internet? Anyway I digress. I have complied a small list on some of the blogs, articles and forums out there.

Here’s a real interesting article on “real-time tracking on Microbloging Search Engines“. PI Buzz is the official blog of PI Magazine.

And another article again by Tamara Thomson is Social Networking for Investigators

This is the blog section of e-legal gathering the Uk’s 1st “open” forum for Private Investigators. The good thing about this forum is that members have a blog section also so they can blog about anything even if they don’t themselves have a blog on their own websites.

One of the ELG blogs is written by a female PI and winner of the newcomer of the year award from WAPI, Maria cooper from Warwickshire Investigation Agency. Her blog is called “The life and times of a woman PI” and the article is Pulling in the professionals.

Another is by my business partner Neil Sheppard entitled “True life tales from the Trident Case Files” His article “Sex, Lies and Videotape” Is very funny. Have a read and tell me what you think.

Here is the e-Justice blog article on “The Top 50 Detective Blogs

if you have any more feel free to link to them in the comments section.

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