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Using GPS Trackers to confirm your worst suspicions

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People tend to want to jump straight into using a Private Investigator to find out if your better half is actually your worst nightmare. But sometimes that like using a hammer to crack a nut. A better option when you are not sure if or when it’s happening is to use a GPS tracker on their car to gather intel.

This will give you an indication of when it’s happening and once you have these patterns, then you send in the PI’s to obtain those all-important photos that will prove beyond any doubts that they are indeed “bumping nasties”.

Even better than using one tracker is when you use 2 trackers. This only works if you already know who the other person is. If you put a tracker on your partner’s car and another one on the other person’s car that you think they are having an affair with, then you can watch on the internet as the 2 trackers converge.

And so I recommend that a GPS tracker is used for a few weeks or months beforehand to gather that intelligence that will enable the Investigator to target the subject and gather the footage that is required for your peace of mind.

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