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Scams, Fiddles and The Insurance Investigator

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With one in 10 adults admitting to having made a fraudulent claim* on a general insurance policy, such as home or motor insurance, companies are quite rightly are on their guard. *(Source: ABI (Association of British Insurers) May 2007)

When I saw this documentary on Channel 4’s Cutting Edge, i was left feeling a bit cheated. They never really showed me anything that I didn’t already know about the insurance scams. It was really a bit old hat. There was no covert video of scammers being caught in the act at all.

There was one very (unintentional, I’m sure) comic moment in the programme where a key was given to some guy who was an expert on keys and he looked at it and declared the mileage on it. I thought, “so bloody what? What did that prove?” Then he stated that the van could not have been nicked without a key. Tell that to the car thieves that steal cars and vans every day of the week without the keys. Naturally the investigator had to walk away from that investigation (if indeed you could call it an investigation) because there was no evidence of any wronging doing.

The other day I was involved in a personal injury case and the footage that we acquired proved beyond a doubt that the OP was scamming their insurance company and that type of footage should be shown to make these programmes more hard hitting.

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