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Practical considerations in buying a GPS Tracker

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Which one should you buy?

I eventually went for this one – TrimTrac PRO

So the actual tracker doesn’t cost that much but you also have to decide whether you want a stand alone system to monitor the tracker information or use a pay as you go website to do it.

Also decide whether the tracker will be used in a “wired in” or covert application. If covert you will need a magnetic holster for it.

The holster (about £5) comes with the tracker but without the magnets, there are companies out there that will sell you the holster with magnets for ten times its value. I recommend getting it all separate. The magnets you can order from the internet here

One of the problem that I encountered is time. If you are in a hurry then don’t use the website version of tracking cause they have to post out a pin number before you can get started. The website however is the cheapest in the short run.

You will also need a Sim card for the tracker, I am using a Vodaphone Sim card. Don’t buy it from the Carphone warehouse as it costs you £15 there in comparison, Vodaphone sell it at £4.99 from their own shops.

Also decide if the Sim card is pay as you go or contract. I opted for pay as you go as its possible to lose the tracker and the Sim card too.

That’s it really, The tracker has already paid for itself.

So the only question that remains … Is it legal to use? The answer will be revealed in another blog.

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